Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Two-way learning channel!!

What an interesting day, I am currently out in the Western area of Abu Dhabi (Liwa),
And I have been privileged with accompanying the Farmers Services Centre with their daily operations.
The roles of Farmers Service Centre, that I have been witness to have involved, but not limited to, Education, Improving sustainability, Improving farm productivity, Research and Development, and the list goes on.
And today I was able to take part and also contribute to a Forage and Fodder workshop that was in the region.
The workshop was an excellent opportunity that brought me even more up to speed, with the issues that agriculture in the U.A.E faces.
It was also an opportunity for myself to explain how hay (fodder) is produced in the Southern areas of Australia, and the process’ that are involved to export to countries such as the U.A.E.
As Australian hay is widely used in this area. As well as hay from the U.S.A, Canada, Spain and Egypt.
I feel I learnt as much at the workshop, as I gave!
And I would like to thank the Farmers Services Centre for making it possible.

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