Wednesday, 27 June 2012


With our Californian leg all wrapped up, and our Washington DC Leg complete also, it was time for a Blog catch up.
Looking back at what we saw in California, the issues facing agriculture in the state become very apparent. From environmental, to social and economic.
The environmental issues facing many of the Ag industries have mostly come about in the last few years in regards to regulations, however one of the biggest is Water.
As you could imagine farming in a desert would be hard with out it. However, as the states cities grow and grow the stress on the water allocations for agriculture are pushed further more to the limits.
Innovative and more efficient irrigation practices are being applied, in almost every crop.
One of the social elements that has been emerging in the last decade, is the organic and also the buy local markets.
The organic movement is very strong in California, and it has become a way of life for a large part of the population. From the farmers markets held on weekend’s right accords the state, to the organic dairies that supply organic milk, cheese, and other dairy products right across the nation.
A movement that has also so become a very welcomed part of the Californian fresh food movement is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), from the innovative entrepreneur that have developed huge markets to deliver organic and also local produce and goods all around the state.
The vast networks for logistics, and the way that their supply chains have been developed.
Most of the produce can be from paddock to plate with in a few days, not cool stored for months.
It is a way that food is becoming more personal again, with the slogan used by one business being 'know your farmer'.

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