Monday, 4 June 2012

How to feed a growing world!!

How to feed the worlds population in 2050, when it’s estimated that it will reach 9 Billion people?
Some of the answers may lay at the I.R.R.I (International Rice Research Institute) in Los Banos, Philippines.
Were we spent the day looking at different research and development projects.
From land that has been continuously double cropped for 49 years, and in the last decade triple cropped.
To bays that have not had any nitrogen application for 49 years also, but still manage to produce a yield that is sustainable.
Other interesting work being achieved is the breeding of varieties that have traits for the likes of, flooding tolerance, salt tolerance and disease tolerance.
In addition, varieties are being bred to be classed as a C4 crop, rather than C3, this technology could have the ability to increase the yield by 50%.

The I.R.R.I is truly at the coal face of R and D projects on rice.

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